Master Training

Photo: Xandra Donders
Photo: Xandra Donders

During the Master Training you put into practice your knowledge and acquired techniques to implement previous learned skills into your own identity and style.


You can only participate in the Master Training after you’ve passed the entry exam. For students of the Vocational Course the entry exam is the same as the third year’s final evaluation. Candidates who did not follow the Vocational Course can join this evaluation on showing equal qualifications.



The Master education consists of a number of classes of your choice, with different artistic angles/specialisations. You can design your own programme. Furthermore you can choose a number of masterclasses.

You pick a cicerone for the two years of Master Training, your personal guide to your artistic development.

Each class of your choice lasts one term, a Masterclass lasts a couple of consecutive days. You can spread these classes over the course of two years. In addition, you study Art Appreciation and professional preparation.


In Master I evaluations take place every half year. In Master II a survey takes place halfway through the academic year, after which the exam committee and the tutors decide if you are ready for graduation. If you have enough high quality products, you can participate in the final exhibition.

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