The Organization


The Classical Academy for fine arts consists of two separate foundations:

The foundation Classical Academy (for painting) kvknummer: 02090757 RSIN 8150.41.354
The foundation Classical Academy for sculpture kvknummer: 52582620

The committee of each foundation is coupled with the collective of teachers and their relevant academy (see there).

The daily management of the foundation Classical Academy (for painting) is formed by:

Tom S. Hageman (chairman)


Gré Oussoren (treasurer)

Xandra Donders (member)

The daily management of the foundation Classical Academy for sculpture is formed by:

Jan van Loon (chairman)
Rachel Dieraert (secretary)
Tom S. Hageman (treasurer)

The foundations are assisted by an Advisory Board.


General co-ordination: Tom S. Hageman
Co-ordination PR and relationship management:
Staff lecturer projects:
Staff lecturer education Painting and Graphics
Staff lecturer education sculpture
Staff lecturer Summer School: Annlies Middel


Administrative service

Secretariat: Aletta de Boer
Student administration: Harmke Hoekstra
Lecturer administration Jetske Bergstra
Financial administration Karin Venekamp

Communicative service

Design: Maaike Hamelynck
Digital editing, newsletters and translations: Tjitske Zuiderbaan
Young talent:
Systems management: Edwin van Dijk, Johan Hilverda

Facility services

Akerkhof 43-c: Jennie Pieke van der Veen, Jetske Bergstra, Sander van Rijswijk, Nici Graumann
Paradijsvogelstraat 16: Geke Hankel, Joeri van de Marrewijk, Mark van der Ploeg

Technical service

Auke de Vries, Joop Wijma, Onno Broeksma

Remuneration policy

Directors and members of the Advisory Board receive remuneration for administrative and advisory work respectively.
Coordinators, teaching staff and lecturers have an annual contract of agreement and are honoured as freelancers.
Other employees work on the basis of a voluntary agreement.