Introduction Course

Do you dream of a professional artistic career, but aren’t sure if your talent is sufficient? Do you want to master the basics of Painting? Sign up for the Introduction Course! The introduction Course consiste of 15 lessons. The lessons are held on Saturday afternoons. The teachers of the Introduction Course were students at the Classical Academy themselves, once.

 Teachers – Introduction Course


There are no admission criteria attached to the participation of this course. you can register throughout the entire year. The Introduction Course starts twice a year. Each course has room for a group of 16 participants at its maximum.

Do you wish to start the Introduction Course in September? Sign up before the 20th of August 2018. The lessons start on Saturday the 8th of September 2018. You can register through the button below. You can find the Introduction Course under the Part-time Courses.


Aanmelden Kosten Studiegids Cursussen


You will have an acquaintance with the most important basic principles of painting in 5 lessons:

  • composition
  • form/model study
  • tone and colour

Composition deals with arranging the surface. A few thumb rules appply to this. You can compose a composition with diagonals or closed shapes and tone for instance. You will be taught by Milan Smidt.

Form/model study

Form is one of the basic principles of art. In particular life model drawing occupies an important place. the toughest form is the human body, there is no room for fiddling. You will be taught by Elvira Dik.

Tone and colour

Tonality and colour are closely related to each other within painting. The choosing and blending of colours, making a palette, is an art itself. you will be taught by Keimpe van der Kooi.


The Introduction Course takes place on the Saturday afternoon from 15:30 to 18:00 and kicks off twice a year.
The next Introduction Course starts on the 8th of September 2018.

We take the regular school holidays for the northern of the Netherlands into account.


The Introduction Course ends with an attestation of participation from the guiding teachers.

Aanmelden Kosten Studiegids Cursussen