Part-time Courses Painting & Graphics

Do you want to further develop a certain technique, but you don’t want to follow a full time study? A part-time course might just be the answer! Each course has a duration of 15 weeks. It is possible to sign up for more than one courses at a time, to put together a programme of your personal interests.


Paradijsvogelstraat 16, Groningen (free parking). Except for the Part-time Course ‘Contemporary Academism’, which is taught at location Akerkhof 43c, Groningen.


  • There are no admission criteria attached to the participation.
  • A discount will apply to the tuition when you sign up for more than one courses in the same semester (see Costs).
  • Registration is possible every semester. The first semester strats in September, the second starts halfway through January.
  • The minimum amount of participants is 8. Depending on the part-time course, there is a maximum amount of participants as well.

Aanmelden Kosten Studiegids Cursussen


  • When signing up for 2 or 3 Part-time courses in the same semester, a discount of 10% will apply to the total sum; When signing up for 4 Part-time courses in the same semester, a discount of 15% will apply.
  • When signing up for 3 or 4 Part-time courses in two consecutive semesters, a discount of 10% applies to the total sum; This will increase to a 15% discount when signing up for 5 or more courses in two consecutive semesters.
  • Full-time students of the Classical Academy can sign up for the part-time courses with a 50% discount.
  • Students Basic Training and members of the Alumni Society of the Classical Academy AKKA can sign-up with a 25% discount on the tuition.

Programme Painting & Graphics 

Academic year 2018-2019

1st semester, from September to Januari

The classes start in week 36 (3rd to 9th of September 2018)

Registration is possible up to the 20th of August 2018


19.00-21.30: Drawing Techniques by Milan Smidt


15.30-18.00: Fine Painting by Esther Leuvenink

18.30-21.00:Portrait Painting by Anne-Rixt Kuik


15.30-18.00: Anatomic model by Annelies Middel


12.00-14.30: Portrait and model by Milan Smidt

15.30-18.00 uur: Introduction course by Milan Smidt, Elvira Dik en Keimpe van der Kooi

2nd semester, from Januari to June

The classes strat in week 4 (21st to 27th of January 2019)

Registration is possible up to the 7th of January 2019


12.30-15.00: Course drawing techniques 2 by Tom Hageman


15.30-18.00:  Figurative painting course 2 by Elvira Dik

15.30-18.00: Graphic techniques by Siemen Dijkstra, Reinder Homan and Minno Banning

18.30-21.00: The colourful model by Carolien van Olphen


15.30-18.00: Cursus model painting by Paul Boswijk


15.30-18.00: Introduction course by Milan Smidt, Elvira Dik en Keimpe van der Kooi


Aanmelden Kosten Studiegids Cursussen