Summer School Printing Techniques

Zomeracademie Grafiek Siemen Dijkstra Reinder Homan
Photo: Xandra Donders

5-day Summer School course in printmaking (relief and intaglio)

Lunch: 12.30 – 13.30 hrs. Lunch will be provided by the Classical Academy.
On Monday morning we introduce ourselves. You’ll get information on the programme and working method. After that you get down to work.
Friday afternoon we evaluate the results.


2,5 days of intaglio and 2 days of relief printing.

Intaglio by Reinder Homan

You get acquainted with the etching technique. Focus is on linear etching and etching a picture in different layers into the plate (which makes etching such a special technique).


  • a general introduction to printmaking by means of examples of original prints
  • a modest historical overview of the techniques: relief, intaglio and lithography
  • instructions in the workshop about materials and equipment, how to prepare an etching plate, how to make a proof and how to go on from there.

Relief printing by Siemen Dijkstra

Siemen Dijkstra Reinder Homan
Photo: Xandra Donders

During this course you learn how to make a relief print using the reduction technique. This technique allows you to make a colour print in a reasonably simple way. You make your own relief print (three to four printings), while you learn how to cut and print and how to think the other way round! The course takes place under the inspiring leadership of Siemen Dijkstra, famous for his colourful relief prints of northern landscapes. Get ready to be surprised!


The Summer School Printing Techniques takes place from July 18 through July 22, 2016.

You will work from 9.30 to 16.00 hrs. We will provide coffee/tea and delicious lunches. This course is taught at the same time and place as the Summer School Sculpting. We take lunch together.


The Classical Academy for Sculpting: Paradijsvogelstraat 16 in Groningen.


Send an e-mail to the Classical Academy of Fine Arts to the attention of Zomeracademie

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