Summer School Sculpting

Zomeracademie Anita FrankenSet-up: during an intensive week you will sculpt, using a live model, under supervision of an experienced artist and Anita Franken. The tutor has ample experience in working in groups. You will learn about anatomy, the movement of the body, how to look at things in different ways, how to mould a portrait and work on a sculpture trestle. There is a lot of room for personal attention, so experience in sculpting is not required. The Summer School course helps you lay a solid foundation in techniques and skills or brings you further along in the learning process.

In the morning you work on moulding a portrait. During the afternoon you also work with a live model, this time making a standing figure in wax on a copper construction. Constructions are available for sculptures of about 30 cm. If you want to make a bigger sculpture you can make your own construction with the help of the tutor. It is possible to let your sculpture be casted into a bronze figure at additional costs, or you can set a date with your tutor to go to a bronze foundry and work on casting it yourself.

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Anita Franken Beeldhouwkunst Zomeracademie Klassieke Academie Groningen
Photo: Xandra Donders

The Summer School Sculpting, takes place from July 18 through July 22, 2016.

You work from 9.30 through 16.00 hrs. The Academy will provide coffee/tea and delicious lunches. This course is taught at the same time and place  as the Summer School Printing Techniques. We take lunch together with all students.


Classical Academy of Sculpting: Paradijsvogelstraat 16,  Groningen.


Send an e-mail to the Classical Academy for Fine Arts at the attention of  Zomeracademie.

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