Foto: Xandra DondersThe Classical Academy aims to transfer knowledge from one generation onto the next, which is why we are continuously on the lookout for young creative talent.

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The Master classes Young Talent are meant for young people between the ages of 15 and 29 years old. There are no entry requirements: registration coincides with paying the tuition fee.

If you still go to school you can be nominated by your art teacher in which case you’ll get a discount of 25% on your tuition fee. Classes start in September and go on until June. We observe the school vacations for the North of the Netherlands.

Every year a group of 16 students at the most will be permitted.

Participation in the Master classes Young Talent is no guarantee for admission to the Vocational Course.

Masterclass Painting
Foto: Xandra Donders
Foto: Xandra Donders

You get acquainted with the basic principles of painting:

  • composition
  • form/figurestudy
  • tone and colour

Composition is about the division of the surface. There are a number of general rules. You can for instance build your composition on diagonals or closed forms rather. 

Form is one of the basic principles in art. Figure drawing takes up an important role. The hardest form to represent is the human body.

Tone and colour are closely connected in painting. Choosing and mixing colours, making your palette, is a form of art in itself.

Masterclass Printing Techniques
Foto: Xandra Donders

You get acquinted with three printing techniques: intaglio, wood printing and lithograpy.

Wood or lino prints are made by a proces of cutting. Ater each round of colour printing, je cut away more.

Intaglio is done by printing lines that are formed by using acid on metal.

Lithografy is done by printing a drawing made on the surface of a special stone with litho chalk. The lithography is based on the principle that water and grease repel each other.

Masterclass Sculpture

JongTalent3You get acquainted with the basic techniques of sculpting. You learn to create spacial forms by modelling in wax or clay. Another way to make a spacial form is to cut, chop, or carve away everything unimportant. 

You also get acquainted with metal working, the skeletton in sculpting.


There are no admission requirements for this course. The Masterclasses are taught on Saturday afternoons from 15.30 – 18.00 hrs.

The Masterclass Painting you can take in the 1st or 2nd half of the academic year. The Masterclass contains 15 lessons.

The Masterclass Printing Techniques  you can only take in the 2nd half of the academic year and contains 9 lessons.

The Masterclass Sculpting you can also take only in the 2nd half of the academic year and contains 6 lessons.

We take in account the regular school holiday schedule of  the Northern-Netherlands.

Evaluation Masterclasses Young Talent

Twice a year a collective progress discussion takes place. At the end of the year the attending tutors will hand out certificates.


You can register all year round. A maximum of 16 students will be admitted annually.

Would you like to participate in the Masterclass Painting starting in september, register before August 15.

Would you like to participate in the Masterclass Painting, Printing Techniques or Sculpture starting in januari? Register before December 21.

Are you a high school student? Then you can be proposed by your arts  teacher. You can get a 25% discount on tuition fees.

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 Masterclass Young Talent Painting: lessons Elvira Dik

Photo’s: Xandra Donders