Friends of the academy

The Classical Academy was founded by artists. The aim was and is idealistic: the relaying of existing knowledge to new generations. The traditional skills were threatened with extinction because in mainstream art education, knowledge is subordinated to artistic principles as concept and meaning.

Private institution

The Classical Academy is a private institution, doesn’t receive subsidies and survives solely on the study fees. All the artists/teachers involved work freelance and form at the same time the foundation board that manages the Academy. They are supported by a strong and committed team of volunteers.

Friends of the Classical Academy

The Friends of the Classical Academy are led by a committee comprised of:

Betty Nooteboom

The committee is involved with extending the circle of Friends and initiating activities and events.

In return the Classical Academy offers its circle of friends:

·        bimonthly digital newsletter and twice a year its analogue periodic ‘Classic posts’;

  • Invitations for events/exhibitions in the ‘Kunstlievend genootschap Pictura’;
  • Other events where the Classical Academy is involved;
  • The opportunity to attend lessons on art appreciation;
  • Lectures by teachers/ artists;
  • Studio visits with artists at the Academy;
  • Introductions to students who are in their graduation phase.

The annual contribution of the ‘Friends’ ensures extra support for additional features, such as educational material, library expansion or lapidary, excursions for students, etc.

Become a Friend

You can become a Friend from € 65,- per year (higher amounts are always welcome). For this a separate account has been opened: NL 80 INGB 0001 2345 54 to ‘Stichting Klassieke Academie, Groningen’.


The Foundation Classical Academy is recognized by the tax as ANBI (Public Benefit Organization). This means that donations and gifts are tax deductible. As ANBI we are also exempt for payment of gift and inheritance tax. The Foundation is registered in the Commercial Register under number: 02090757


The Gifting Law makes gifts to cultural institutions (identified by the tax authorities), such as the ANBI extra attractive. There is a nationwide campaign to bring culture to the forefront. You can find more information the website:
With a gift you can deduct an extra 25% extra (for companies even 50%) when you arrange this in advance.

Adopting a student

There are funds that are willing to help students.
Some are foundations, others private of originating from assets.
Support is possible for little investment; by for example, making a small amount available annually to pay for tuition, or buy an artwork in advance of graduation.
In such a way you can support a student for three to five years with financial benefit to yourself.
Also, as a donor you are not only supporting the Classical Academy, but are investing in the future artistic career of a student.
Also want to adopt a student? Please contact: